I’ve always loved the opportunity to find out about other people and their life stories, but it seems somehow narcissistic to write about myself.

Thanks inner critic, we’ll talk about this later…

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Let’s start with the basics;

  • I am Sian
    (or Sean…a frequent mistake people make *shrugs shoulders*)
  • I’ve not long ventured into my thirties
  • I work full-time in Organisational Development
    (HR/Training in ordinary language)
  • I live in the Midlands, UK
  • I have two gorgeous little rescue dogs
    (the banner photo and frequency of them in blog posts give that away)


  • I don’t smoke
  • I’m tee-total
  • I swear
  • I fucking love kindness and being kind
  • chocolate is life
  • …and so are bargains.

As you may have guessed by my blog title, I also love learning (remind me of this whilst I complete my Post Grad) and am a big champion of supporting small businesses whenever I possibly can. 

I have a hobby based passion for learning all things (scientifically based) about nutrition, sleep and training in the gym. I’ve been a recreational runner for about 8 years (my feet do not thank me for this) and I love discovering all I can about psychology, particularly human behaviour and (even more specifically) compassion focused therapy.

I’m a work in progress, get things wrong and have plenty of flaws
(I’m certain these will manifest into a blog post at some point)  

We’re all in this life together, my aspiration is to be a helpful part of it.

So, a big, sunshine-laden, kind-hearted welcome to my life of learning, it’s lovely to have you here.

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