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Blogs/vlogs – the ‘I Love’ series

My goodness me there is such an array of talented bloggers, social media masters and content creators; some of my absolute favourites are below.

Who’s on your love it list?


Rach at Things To Do On Planet Earth has one of the most beautifully engaging, accessible and informative writing styles and covers her real-life travels across the world, sharing her experience and (massively) useful hints, tips and advice. 


G Beauty and Pretty and Polished – Gweni and Sophie are two of the most influential (and beautiful) women who have had a positive impact on me managing my trichotillomania (a condition apparently so unusual that my blog editor doesn’t recognise it…hi wiggly red line *eye roll*).

Chessie King – for all things realistic and down to earth when it comes to health, happiness and body image.

Tally Rye – A truly fabulous, down to earth and hugely encouraging PT. Making sure a hefty dose of reality informs the world of wellness to make it a safe and accessible place for everyone.

Gynae Geek – a pioneer for making female reproductive health a socially acceptable topic, with a good dose of humour and masses of intelligence, too.


Renee McGregor – an incredible, inspiring and powerful dietitian, specialising in sports/athletics and eating disorders.

Priya Tew – another powerhouse of a dietitian who specialises in eating disorders and a phenomenal Pilates teacher.

The Food Medic – a prodigy of new generation Doctors, Hazel is also a PT and scientifically grounded champion of lifestyle medicine with some of the most amazing cookbooks!

Nics Nutrition – a wonderful dietitian who ignited my passion for evidence based, down to earth nutrition and its impact on health. Great YouTube content and fantastic recipes, too.

The Rooted Project –  if you’re tired of nutri-bollocks and want to be reassured that you’re reading research backed information, or want to be sure that you are attending a credible wellness event, this is absolutely for you.


Spice Diaries – For all of your *authentic* recipe needs when it comes to Indian cuisine. Monica is just phenomenal. I discovered her on 2nd Sept 2018 on the back of a gift voucher I’d bought to do a workshop from her ‘Spice Club‘. She has newly started up the workshops in Birmingham (having had amazing success in Manchester…which I can ABSOLUTELY understand why). 


Bella Coco – Thanks to the wonderful Viv (founder of ‘Happy Hookers’ crochet group at work….I know, what a name) I have been introduced to the fantastic tutorials of Sarah Jayne. I truly thought I was a complete lost cause at crochet, turns out I was wrong (thank goodness!). You just need the right context that will support you to learn in the way that works for you.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Sian! I can’t wait to see what your blog has in store 🙂 x Sophie

    • Sian

      25/08/2018 at 12:28 pm

      It is my absolute pleasure, I love your content and you describe the management of a life with Trich so well x

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