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About me

I’ve always loved the opportunity to find out about other people and their life stories, but it seems somehow narcissistic to write about myself.

Thanks inner critic, we’ll talk about this later…

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Let’s start with the basics;

  • I am Sian
    (or Sean…a frequent mistake people make *shrugs shoulders*)
  • I’ve not long ventured into my thirties
  • I work full-time in Organisational Development
    (HR/Training in ordinary language)
  • I live in the Midlands, UK
  • I have two gorgeous little rescue dogs
    (the banner photo and frequency of them in blog posts give that away)


  • I don’t smoke
  • I’m tee-total
  • I swear
  • I fucking love kindness and being kind
  • chocolate is life
  • …and so are bargains.

As you may have guessed by my blog title, I also love learning (remind me of this whilst I complete my Post Grad) and am a big champion of supporting small businesses whenever I possibly can. 

I have a hobby based passion for learning all things (scientifically based) about nutrition, sleep and training in the gym. I’ve been a recreational runner for about 8 years (my feet do not thank me for this) and I love discovering all I can about psychology, particularly human behaviour and (even more specifically) compassion focused therapy.

I’m a work in progress, get things wrong and have plenty of flaws
(I’m certain these will manifest into a blog post at some point)  

We’re all in this life together, my aspiration is to be a helpful part of it.

So, a big, sunshine-laden, kind-hearted welcome to my life of learning, it’s lovely to have you here.

Let's get social

This blog began to the tune of…

‘this will be rubbish, what a stupid idea’

‘as if you have the time’

‘you’ll not do it well anyway’

‘your writing is rubbish’

Sadly familiar, that little voice. I’m willing to bet I’m not alone, though.
I wonder how many actions and ideas miss their ‘start’ because of it?

I know many of mine have, prior to getting to that JFDI ‘who gives a shit’ age. I’m now in a phase of learning how not to aspire to perfect (what on earth is that anyway) and jump starting the ideas that I’d stalled, of which this blog is one.

My tactic is to remind myself that being critical of who I am, my thoughts, feelings and ideas rarely ends well.
It’s not wholly bad, there is a positive time and place for that critical voice (choosing which flavour cookie to have, or what route to walk the dogs, for example) but I’m practising turning the focus of it away from me.
I’m done with it.
It’s taught me a lot over the years, but I’m happy to have a go at living life without it now, thanks.

When it doesn’t quite work, Hugh Laurie helps me over the hump;

That quote is one of two I had printed by the amazing Book of the Dad, the other is another mantra that I aspire to;

(the necklace was custom made by the wonderful Vicki at VJG Jewellery in memory of Gramps, a man who definitely went after life)

I have creativity, positivity, kindness and life lessons that I’d like to share, rather than keep locked up and only be of value to me.
Does this mean I might get stuff wrong, make numerous cock-ups along the way and not be everyone’s cup of tea…yep…is that frightening…incredibly…but what is worse (for me) is not trying.

I’m here to remind you that;

  • it doesn’t matter if you think your photography is shit,
  • if your cakes don’t turn out to be ‘Instagram worthy’,
  • if your ideas feel messy and imperfect,
  • if you’re not doing doing meditation/yoga/living your best life (WTF) in the ‘right’ way.

Do what works for YOU, please, and do not let those be barriers you put up.

The gorgeous Glastonbury Tor, taken just before I tackled that mountain (truly it felt like that more than a hill)

You have such unique value in being who YOU are, no-one else on this earth has that treasure. It’s by no means an easy choice to work on embracing that, but if you choose to share the the glorious, evolving, lovely you, the world will be all the better for it.

And the others who don’t share the love? They can go do what works for them instead.

Let's get social

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