I mentioned in ‘Who am I, again?’ the notion of getting a ‘toolbox’ together for those times when you need a more personal type of DIY. 

No smut intended, but kudos to you if your mind went off on that tangent.
I salute you.

Creating a toolbox that contains a multitude of nourishing, accessible and kindness laced activities (ones that work for YOU) can be a huge help. Collectively, they’re like a sturdy anchor, ready for deployment during the inevitable stormy seas of life. A well-stocked toolbox can give you the best chance of keeping your feet planted firmly on the deck to ride them out.

We’re ok for a bit of a wobble though, I mean, jelly does it, so it can’t be all bad.

When I began to build my toolbox, I realised I had some work to do to acknowledge that I am worthy of the compassion and self-love that is required to put it together.
Ironic, but a good opportunity to practice what could get me over that hurdle and, therefore, what stuff might then go into my toolbox for other hurdles.

Cue next hurdle.

I really didn’t know what would work for me. I got ‘perfection paralysis’ thinking I needed to find the ‘perfect’ things, when in reality, that is a load of bollocks. I needed nourishment, not punishment, and searching for ‘perfect’ tends to lead me down the latter path.

So I just tried a few things, discarded some, adapted others, and came up with a (constantly evolving) toolbox that you’ll see, in it’s current form, listed out below.
I hope it helps as a foundation to inspire you, or even as a little light entertainment; there’s a couple of laughter-worthy ones in there. 
[laughing on its own often provides a remedy in itself – winning!]

1. Learning to play the piano

2. Learning to knit/crochet

3. My motorbike (reading about riding or actually getting out there)

4. Getting outside for a walk

5. A squeeze with my dogs (no surprises there)

6. Squeezing Play Doh

7. Writing/Drawing/Thought dumping (my house is littered with part completed notepads)

8. Baking (+ eating it at the end…or during…)

9. Reading (nutrition/gym training/most things human psychology)

10. Podcasts

11. This little handy anxiety breathing shape

12. Using Google Keep, Docs and Calendar (taking the to-do’s out of my mind)

13. Thinking and/or writing down nice things I’ve heard/seen/done

14. A pep talk to myself (yes it feels weird, but sometimes it actually bloody works; who’d have thought)

15. Changing my clothes (to something I feel good in. It’s always wise to actually own the item yourself though)

16. A nap

As you can see, I’ve got quite a few, I make no surprise of the fact that I love choice.
(you’ll not be surprised to learn that I *love* a good buffet)

N. B creating nautical analogies doesn’t feature…maybe that’s a new one.

I also turn to these things when the water is beautifully calm, there’s no storm shaped access key to the toolbox, these things are lovely outside of those experiences, too.

Also, sizing up new things for the toolbox may be best when you’re in this calm place, too. For me, trying to do that when I’m dangling by a shoelace from the side of the boat isn’t the time, my focus tends to be on slightly more pressing matters.
Oh, there’s another nautical analogy…


You don’t need to be of a certain standard of any of these things, no-one is marking you, it doesn’t work that way.
There’s no invitation here to mark yourself, either, thank you.

Likewise, one thing may work on one occasion but not the next, that is totally normal. Be kind to yourself, if not on your own instruction, on mine.

I find that being a novice at something can feel much more freeing, there are no expectations of what I ‘should’ produce, what I ‘should’ do or how anything ‘should’ look.

These are all about turning the pressure off.
The only pressure allowed here sits within the kettle as it boils water for a good cup of tea.

If you want any further information about any of the above, or want me to write a full post on any of the things I’ve mentioned, pop a comment below – this blog is all about being a helpful addition to life and sharing the valuable life lessons, you are best qualified to help me do just that!

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